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Looking for a low cost conveyancing service?

If you looking to save money on your next property purchase, then find a low cost conveyancing service. Is this just stating the obvious? Not quite! Often, when buying a house or investment property, people try to save money by looking for a cheaper (low fee) conveyancing solicitor. However, low fee conveyancing services are not […]

Is an SMSF good for me?

It is important to have a clear view of all the facts before you make big decisions about your money, your investments and your future. Often the facts get clouded by too much information, industry jargon and complex interpretations. Let us help remove the clouds surrounding the topic of SMSF so you can make a well-informed […]

Why is everyone talking about SMSF?

You’ve probably heard a lot about SMSF and you’re wondering if it is a good option for you. As we are receiving more enquiries about how to set up an SMSF and what it takes to run it successfully we have prepared a series of educational articles we will be publishing over the next few weeks. Of […]

Budget 2017-18

The new budget has been delivered and it promises to create “better days ahead” for Australia. Naturally, as is the case with every budget, there are more benefits for some than for others. Over the next few days we will be publishing a series of articles with specific emphasis on Tax, Superannuation, Small Business, Regulation, […]

Housing market an economic risk

With numerous reports identifying record levels of mortgage debt, coupled together with credit and household debt generally at record levels, Australia is facing a very real risk of an economic downturn. While the wealthy have diversified portfolios, the average aussie homeowner has likely put everything into the house. Putting all your eggs in one basket […]

One in four Australians face mortgage stress.

Whilst it’s hardly conceivable that the wealthy could feel any pinch, the rest of us certainly do feel it.  Data shows that if interest rates rise by 1%, then 1/3 of home owners will be in mortgage distress. If rates rise by 2%, then half of all home owners will feel the distress.  This could […]

Housing affordability under the microscope again

Investors should be wary of these policies from the Labor government, as it seeks to punish foreign buyers and SMSF investors in an attempt to ‘cool down’ the property market. Economists have already tipped interest rates to start rising, and CBA and NAB (and other banks) have already lifted rates.  There are already strict regulations […]