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Un-cloud your decision

Is an SMSF good for me?

It is important to have a clear view of all the facts before you make big decisions about your money, your investments and your future.

Often the facts get clouded by too much information, industry jargon and complex interpretations.

Let us help remove the clouds surrounding the topic of SMSF so you can make a well-informed decision if this type of superannuation fund it is good for you on not.

Your Self-Managed Super Fund , put simply, is your life-long investments dedicated to look after you when you retire.

The key word here is “investments”, not “employer contributions”, “member contributions”, “super benefits”, etc.

I’d like you to start thinking about your super as your “super investments”.

This will help you  think clearly in simple investment terms and allow you to make the right choice avoiding analysis paralysis trying to understand all the legal and financial data around SMSF.

So what is a good investment decision for you when it comes to your superannuation?

Should you have your superannuation managed for you in a retail or industry fund or should you have it in your own Self-Managed Super Fund?

As is the case with every investment decision, before you decide, consider the pros and cons:

What are the 4 big advantages of an SMSF (pro’s):

  1. You have full Control

  2. You have Flexibility/ Choice

  3. You can save more Money and make more Money

  4.  You are more Efficient and Organised

We are reviewing these four advantages in more detail as part of our SMSF educational series for our clients and industry partners. You can also get an access to this information here:

If you have specific or urgent questions I’ll be happy to answer them; book a complimentary call here.

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