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Looking for a low cost conveyancing service?

If you looking to save money on your next property purchase, then find a low cost conveyancing service.

Is this just stating the obvious?

Not quite!

Often, when buying a house or investment property, people try to save money by looking for a cheaper (low fee) conveyancing solicitor.

However, low fee conveyancing services are not the same as low cost conveyancing services.

low cost conveyancing

Let us give you an example.

If you buy a house for 300K and spend another 150K to renovate it so you can live in it or re-sell, the house cost to you is 450K, not 300K. It’s a big difference and you will factor this difference in your mortgage/financial plan before you sign a purchase contract.

So the house price is different to the house cost.

In a similar way, a solicitor may charge you a low fee for their conveyancing service but if they make a mistake (overlook an important detail) or just follow the standard process (overlook an opportunity to save you money) the total cost of their conveyancing service will be much higher than their conveyancing fee.

This is not an unusual case scenario.


Because legal services are often complex and can cost a lot.

It’s no different for conveyancing.

In the 13 steps of the property settlement process, there are 3 critical ones, which can save or lose you money in the purchase of your new property.

At step 3 of the process you can see how just by filling your forms correctly you can save as much as $5,000.00. This is by no means an exaggeration.  Our conveyancing solicitor Cameron McKenzie achieved this saving plus more for one of our clients (Find out how he achieved that here)

You don’t need to know or understand the intricacies of the process a property lawyer goes through every time you buy a property.

This is their job; they take care of it.

Any licensed/qualified property lawyer should do a good job for you. They may even do it at a low fee.

But will they save you money?

An experienced property lawyer is not only good at the process – We can and do save you money!

The conveyancing process incurs different extra fees along the way (government fees, associated partner fees, etc.) Any saving makes a difference to your total conveyancing cost.

And although the single service fee matters to you it is the final, total cost of the service, which makes the biggest difference to your bank balance and your purchase outcome.

Therefore our aim is to save you money in any way we can. (This is one example where we were able to save $24,000 for a property conveyancing client (read the story here)

Our aim is to achieve a total low cost (TLC) of the service for our clients in 3 ways:

  1. Efficient Service (ES)
  2. Affordable Fees (AE)
  3. Saving Money (SM)


low cost conveyancing

Ask us about our total low cost conveyancing service: Book an appointment here or call us directly on 1300 690 241.

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